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Tuesday, 16 June 2015 09:59



“Change is to give up what you are to become what you would be.” — Billi Lim

Learn fast to be able to cope with change! Change is something many of us dare not do for so many reasons; it could be fear of the unknown; loss of familiar chores or tasks; being used to old ways; pain of leaving friends and acquaintances; new adjustments; doubts about whom to trust… and many more. Nevertheless, we must always bear in mind that change will come whether we are ready or not!

In our work; whenever new policies are given because of a new leader or a new management, we complain and say; “That’s how things are being done around here before you came.” We often forget that new leadership connotes CHANGE. New changes will definitely arise – either for the best of the organization or the worst….depending on who the new leader we get!

In our own homes – we see changes too, our children come home bringing new ideas, gadgets, languages strange to our ears, eating food we dare not eat for fear of stomach trouble. The computer games they play, unless we guide them – seem to be very violent and heartless.

But, mind you. Change is good. With change we see new beginnings. We discover things we thought we can’t do or things we thought doesn’t exist, we find new directions and dreams. With change, we only have to make it work for us – to enjoy and benefit from its outcomes.

With change, we continue to grow and develop. Putting our past behind, our “used to” actions and practices will lead us to a more challenging  and advanced future -  but we also have to change our knowledge, skills and performances to be at par with those who believes and practices change. As Khalil Gibran said, “The past is valuable, but not valuable enough to hinder the future.”

“Those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future.” — John F. Kennedy (Grace C.

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