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Saturday, 30 May 2015 08:23

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

A friend from Manila came to the city and invited me for dinner at the Lotus restaurant of Astoria Hotel last Wednesday evening. He is now a consultant of a multi-national corporation that deals with energy generation most specially the “solar type” and generator sets. With him were three country managers for the Philippines distributing generator sets and solar equipment. We were told that the solar equipment came from Spain, while the Genset came from the United Kingdom (Britain). My friend whom I have met when I was working with government as a commissioner was also a consultant in the mining business of Chinese and Koreans. They came from Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur and passed by this city to make known their intention to offer their products and expertise to the Zamboanga City Free Port and Economic Zone. They travel a lot in their business, here and abroad and we talked of so many things that evening and one good topic was, with our age as senior citizens, how do you combat stress?

* * * *

Don’t take unprescribed medicines, it might be more harmful than helpful in curing stress, my friend said to me,  look for other diversions, physically light for blood circulation movement, perspire everyday, because it will wash away toxins especially alcohol and harmful fats in your body. He asked me, what do you do now? I said after I retired from government service, I went into farming. At this point his companion, Mr. Maximino “Jiga” Montenegro, Country manager-Philippines for Aggreko Energy Rentals Solutions inc., a British company, said plant flowers because it will avoid stress. “I am doing it right now in my backyard at Bulacan. My flower garden is planted only with one specie of flower; gumamela plant. It gives me so much pleasure everyday and lightens my load, I have been doing this for many years now and even my wife and children love the flowers. We find time to talk to the flowers and it is very effective, because it does not stop bearing colorful gumamela flowers.” “JIga” showed me pictures of his flowers in his cellphone and indeed, for the first time I saw different kinds of Gumamela flower, large and small in varying colors. One Gumamela flower is larger than his open palm while some have double flowers.”This is what I do daily from work, clean the garden plot, unweed it with my bare hands and fertilize the soil to maintain its fertility. I have never gone to a doctor all these years even with the smog and pollution here in Manila.”

* * * *

Perhaps it is worth trying to plant flowers to add life and beautify your surroundings. Flowers are easy to grow. All it needs is care and adequate water to nourish it. Aside from beautiful sight of flowers, it gives clean and natural fragrance to the air we breath. If all of us will plant flowers to avoid stress we will also bring back the world famous name of Zamboanga as the City of Flowers. Plant flowers not only to avoid stress but for “peace of mind” against our hostile background.

* * * *

“ Do not make money as a problem, because it is the root of all stress”. Instead “make money worry about you” because all our problems in life starts with “money”. A  Chinese businessman once said “ never try to catch money because you cannot outrun money. It has eight feet for running while man has only two feet for doing it but if money comes to you, in an instant money reaches you” .

* * * *

Scoop: Plant flowers today in your backyards, it will not only avoid stress but also sickness caused by garbage. Do it now before the wet season will be in full blast.

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