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Monday, 15 October 2018 12:25

Editor’s Desk

Liza Abubakar-Jocson

The era of charisma in Zamboanga politics has been in a slumber, seemingly gone with the likes of the late great Cesar Climaco and the incomparable Maria Clara Lobregat, who possess personas that can envelope an entire city with their magnetic aura for decades.

Charisma has weight.  It is a word that can neither be pushed around nor shoved.  The word itself commands respect.

It is emotional, never intellectual and certainly not logical. It strikes the mind and settles at the heart.

One cannot truly define charisma.  One definition says that it is a perfect balance between soft and strong. A phrase that I feel cannot encompass its full meaning.

If one cannot define it, then it must be better to start describing it for what it’s not.

It is not calling attention to one’s achievements.  It is not building a monument to oneself.  It is not announcing one’s importance.

It is, however, an easy smile that charms.

It is a quiet worker whose results are announced by the people they touch.

It is respect from people who refuse to bow to anyone.

It is the silent commanding presence without calling attention to oneself.

It is power that invites and not repels.

It is not loud insecurity.  It is quiet but strong confidence.

It is utter and complete soul and never the ego.

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