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Wednesday, 12 December 2018 14:44



As citizens, we have numerous obligations to perform and comply for the good of our country. One of these is to regularly pay our taxes, which is the life blood of our country. We are likewise expected to follow and obey the mandates of our enacted laws. As civilized citizens, we must likewise act and behave in accordance with the standard norms of our society, to include our civic obligation to extend aid and assistance to our fellowmen in times of needs and calamities, and to render relief and justice to those poor and marginalized members of our society.

Unfortunately, many of these are violated more in the breach than followed through the letter. Millions of us, Filipinos, are tax evaders especially when paying our incomes, capital gains tax and customs tariffs. We bribe people working in these offices to escape paying the right amount of taxes. Most of us are also violators of established laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. This can be simply shown by the manner by which many of us violate traffic and parking rules. And in times of calamities, we cannot even donate used clothing, kitchen utensils, food, and vitamins needed by the poor victims and refugees.

But the worst is when we elect leaders to govern us for years. Despite the numerous political education conducted, many of us still elect dumb leaders who cannot even be appointed as water boys and parking attendants. And ironically, this is committed by the poor, uneducated, and the needy—whose living conditions has to be improved and stations in life elevated to descent levels by the government. They are composed by the majority of our populace who would endlessly pester our government and its departments for housing, aids and assistance, and what have you.

Unfortunately, when it comes to elections, they don’t think and can be easily swayed and bought by unscrupulous politicians who don’t deserve even a minute to sit in their elected seats. These people would sell their votes in the measly amounts of three hundred or five hundred pesos only, totally forgetting their miserable conditions and thereafter suffer years of government neglect and indifference. They don’t understand the meaning and value of outstanding leadership and proper governance.

While we, intelligent voters, express our right of suffrage with the hope of finding a truly reliable and responsive government committed to serve the people, make our community a clean, healthy, and peaceful place to live in, and to bring progress and development, these dumb voters would undermine our noble goals and aspirations by voting for dumb officials. Their numbers are greater and their votes usually determine the victory or defeat of a candidate.

Just take a close look at our present elected councilors. They can’t anymore decide and stand up according to their personal honest belief and conscience in supporting and approving resolutions. They simply follow the dictates of the City Mayor and are afraid to disobey her wishes. This is also true during the previous administration. The councilors are simply told to do or perform things as dictated by the mayor.

These are the elected officials who should not be elected but won just the same because of those dumb voters whose votes can easily be bought by dumb elected officials.

Since we cannot bar these dumb voters from exercising their political right to vote, we should continue educating them on how to screen and elect officials by reviewing and analyzing their plans and programs of government and not through their sweet talks and by the depth of their pockets.

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