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Monday, 04 December 2017 14:03

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

Not all of us can live in gated communities   with security guards  asking what your business is for going into the community when you don’t live there. This is just one of those things that people who write about “quality of life” refer to when they make lists of the best communities, the best cities, or the best countries to live in.

Where we live and what makes living there worth pursuing is, I suppose, what people mean when they refer to “quality of life”. What might be those variables that can give us a better understanding of “quality of life”?

For me the lead variable is security. Do I feel safe inside my home or when I am getting to my home late at night? Or do I feel safe just taking a walk in my area for a little exercise? If I cannot answer these questions with a yes then there is something missing, my life in such a community may not be as I want it to be.

There are the basic utilities that we expect to enjoy in life: water, electricity and communication facilities. Are they provided adequately where I live? If not there will be a big question as to how much I enjoy my daily life where I live.

When we walk around our community are the surroundings pleasant to the eyes or are they eyesores instead?

Everyone needs to be able to take a break from everyday routine and enjoy some recreation. In most places there are movie houses to go to. In a few places there are museums where one can spend a rainy afternoon appreciating works of art like paintings or sculptures. Some people may go to a park where one can read a newspaper in the refreshing greenery of trees and the chirping of birds.  When tired of home cooking are there places where one can go to dine on  something new and tasty to tickle the palate?

Most people work hard to earn for the needs in their life and also for some of the wants. So in a place where one can go shop for some of those things that we need and also some of those things that we want add   quality to our life that makes living in such a place pleasant.

Of course quality of life is not just dependent on things  but also on people. If we live in a community where people are friendly, kind and considerate of neighbors and an air of harmony pervades the community  make living in that community something that we will treasure.

I am sure there are a couple of other things that we should consider in determining the  quality of life in the place we live in. But from the few that have been mentioned, how do residents of Zamboanga City rate our city?