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Sunday, 11 February 2018 15:51


BY Betty A. Elago

When this article comes out on the 11th, Valentine’s Day will only be three  days away, So let me greet each and every one of you a Happy Valentine’s Day in advance! I can remember when I was in my late teens, a movie was shown with a title “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing” with Pat Boone and Sandra Dee in the lead roles. I had a crush on Pat Boone, and my late hubby Vincent also admitted he had a crush on Sandra Dee! Both of them were good looking stars! I can remember Marilu Enriquez in our younger days, was the Sandra Dee of Zamboanga City!

Now, you may wonder why I have chosen to write about this. Simple, because in many cases, love isn’t really a many splendored thing, because some couples fall out of love with one another! This is true, because during the courtship days, boy and girl always put their best foot forward to impress each other, but when they get married their natural selves come out. This is where husbands and wives have to adjust with one another, because it’s understandable both were brought up in two different ways! In the middle of their married lives, they finally find out they aren’t meant for each other and decide to separate ways and apply for separation, or to annul their marriage! In US, they call it Divorce! It’s a pity because their children are affected.

We come across boys and girls falling in love and sometimes they live together for a long time without the sanction of marriage, and we call them as live in partners, but in the  later years, they get married in church, to make it legal in the eyes of God and men! And mind you, this marriage will last long because during their live in years, they have learned each other’s likes and dislikes, their bad traits and good traits, leading them to know each other very well! I am not really sold out to this idea, but I will suggest for young lovers to have a longer engagement to be able to know each other longer before deciding to get married! Right folks?