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Monday, 12 February 2018 11:52



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love…” (1 Corinthians 13:13, the Holy Bible).


STORIES OF YOUNG LOVE IN THE MONTH OF THE HEARTS: The two were locked in a deep conversation, and a desperate plea for help appeared etched in the face of the young boy who was asking a girl-classmate of his to do something for him. Their classmates,  who were all high school graduating students like them at that time, were unaware of (or probably couldn’t care less about) what the boy was after.

The day of hearts was fast approaching, and he wanted the girl he was talking with to be the one to deliver his letter to another girl-classmate of theirs. The boy wanted to be able to at least disclose how he felt (or so he thought) about the girl whom he intended to receive his letter. The boy told the girl he was talking to, “please help me” and, much to his surprise and elation, she agreed to be the “bridge” between him and their other classmate.

The boy immediately started to put down in writing what he thought were in his heart. To his big surprise, however, what kept coming back in his mind was the image of the girl who agreed to “bridge” for him. And to his consternation, this troubled his young and inexperienced heart: he was supposed to be writing for someone he had taken fancy of earlier, but the “bridge” kept popping up in his thoughts!


CONFUSION ABOUT LOVE AMONG THE YOUNG: Perplexed, the boy stopped writing. He breathed and sighed deeply, closed his eyes, wanting to clarify his youthful mind and his juvenile heart. What he couldn’t understand at that point was, an inexplicable confusion had gripped his entire being. It was an entirely new feeling for him, giving him discomfort, yes, but, to his surprise, titillated and inspired him somehow.

And as the boy focused on composing the letter that the “bridge” agreed to deliver to, and which was to express his feelings for, the other girl, his mind nevertheless appeared to be playing tricks on him—every profession of special thoughts that came to him got directed to the images of the face of the “bridge”, which continued flooding his mind. What’s happening to me, he asked himself, but found no answer, even if he remained awake and tossing in bed the whole night until the wee hours of dawn.

When he and the “bridge” met the following day, she asked the boy if he had already finished writing the letter to their classmate. He didn’t answer, and instead handed to her the short letter he managed to write. The “bridge” said she would immediately deliver it to their classmate. After that, both attended the day’s classes, until dismissal time came.


RESTLESS HEART, CONFUSED MIND: That night, the young boy felt greatly agitated, thinking his heart would explode with so much emotion. He didn’t know what to say or think. The reason was that, the letter he gave to the girl who was to serve as the “bridge” between him and the other girl was not addressed to that other girl. Instead, the letter contained a flat declaration of how he felt about the “bridge” herself.

His heart continued to pound hard unceasingly when he and the “bridge” met again the following day. He stuttered, unable to say anything, when the “bridge” asked him: “for whom is the letter really?” The boy felt he would melt, his knees trembled and grew weak, and he started to walk away. However, he froze in his tracks, felt his heart go pitter-patter, when he heard the “bridge” say she wanted to talk him about what he wrote.

It was at the school library that the two met afterwards, and there, they found an opportunity to explore and ultimately understand their youthful feelings. And in the limited number of days that remained in their high school days, the song “Someone Who Cares” became significant for the two—the “bridge” asked it to be played while they were in the house of another classmate. How did the story turn out for them? Well, God had other plans for them! Keep tuned for more of this story of young love!


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