Running with a Vision PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 February 2018 11:28


BY Berlie G. Yap

“Where there is NO VISION, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” (Jer. 29:18, KJV)

Vision in this passage is simply goals—hence, when there is no plan the people can easily dwindle down to chaos or mediocrity, and ultimately to utter destruction. To run with a vision is imperative to individuals and also to groups. If I may site an analogy, a ship can continue to run in the open ocean aimlessly, unless it has a destination. Such destination shall give her the advantage of determination, despite any obstacles, simply because it has a destination to reach!

A vision can propel us to follow a clear direction. When you have goals in life, it would be pretty easy for you to let go of the unnecessary stuff, and to hold on to what are important in the journey. Folks, it is a given fact: in life, you cannot entertain EVERYTHING. You can only carry as much—only those which are profitable in your journey. St. Paul said, “All things are lawful, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful, but not all things build up.” (1 Cor. 10:23, ESV)

Thus, to avoid a useless fatigue, it is always a wisdom to follow a vision. Do have yours? Walking with a vision energizes you every day. A vision is a factor which can give its holder the blessing of rejuvenation. Trials and hardships may come, in no given time. They can easily overcome a person who has no firm strength in his soul.

Are there how many people you know, who became casualties in the battle of life because they didn’t have the enough strength to wade their small boats, amidst a storm? In fact, to run without a sustaining strength is extremely dangerous. In many occasions, people with such deficiency can either die early or continue in the journey but may also suffer countless of mental traumas. Ain’t it?

Insanity is another tendency. Indeed, we can’t face life’s challenges without the expensive daily vigor. The Lord knows this reality. So, He gave us the instruction to keep a vision in our hearts. Run the race with a clear goal ahead of you! If you are a student, be firm to your determination—why you enrolled and exposed yourself to the pains of studious perusal.

I knew a young man, who eventually graduated and finished his bachelor’s degree. It took him though to finish college in 9 long years! Well, why the delay? He hopped from one course to another, plus his failing grades to many subjects. The good thing however was he never gave-up. But sure, the corresponding toll was ever-present in each year of his failures. The time came that his parents would have to beg him to change.

Maybe, their words convicted his heart, thus one day it dawned on him to eventually perform better to his remaining 2 years in the university. By the grace of God, he ultimately made it! According to him, during their graduation, the most famous graduate in their batch was not the cum laude guy, but him. Everyone something cheered to see him climb to the stage.

The absence of a vision had almost robbed the young man his right to a better life. There are two things which are necessary to obtain a clear goal. First to listen to your heart and to listen the advice of your elders or older folks, because they have the better experience in life, which you can emulate or learn for good lessons in the journey.

The Lord speaks in our hearts—it is a still small voice which we can certainly hear now and then. That, you must follow, by all means! Do not allow peer pressures to shape your future. It is not arrogance to say NO to others when you feel that you are heading towards an actual destruction. It is better to walk alone but you got clear goals in life, than to run with the crowd but its sure end is also a destruction.

Often, unpopularity is better than acceptance by the crowd, so long as you follow a direction. What is the use or profit of becoming an IN, but later you end in penury or suffer a lasting regret! So, follow your heart’s godly dream. Use your righteous ambition to fuel your journey. Check this out: inspiration is the simple manifestation that you have run with a vision inside your heart.

To listen to your heart alone is not enough. There are many occasions, too, that our desires may be pretty deceptive. This is in this wise where the counsel of our parents or older folks play the most important role, in our paces to progress. Do not hate the rebuke of your parents. They may castigate you not because they hate you but rather love you so much! So that, they cannot allow you to suffer forever.

When you are surrounded with good counselors, you are safe—very safe. Remember, we live in a broken world. Your ideas may be flawed sometimes. The purpose of any godly counsel is to provide you the priceless wisdom along. Again, he who knows how to listen the advice of his elders shall definitely succeed in life. God bless you.