Cleanliness is next to godliness PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 February 2018 14:12


BY Betty A. Elago

Cleanliness has always been compared to Godliness, and I guess this is true, because it’s only a literary comparison! A person who is good and honest, he or she is Godly, and is afraid to displease our God Almighty, the creator of the Universe and mankind!

However, I would like to share my thoughts about the dirty conditions of our City. I went to visit my daughter and her family in Pagadian City and noticed that their streets are clean, ‘coz you can’t see garbage like cigar butts, waste papers, candy wrappers, plastic bags or any garbage that’s thrown around that makes any place look dirty!

Now, going back to our own beloved Zamboanga City, I can tell you some of our residence in Barangay Tetuan alone as an example, are so disgusted to see the dirty conditions of our streets and around our vicinity. Our home is nearby a school, however, it appears student just don’t care, no discipline at all! I hope the school teachers should call the attention of their students not to throw their ice water and candy wrappers, or any garbage in our sidewalks. It stays there for days until the barangay sweepers will clean them up.

Go around Tetuan, look around and see that even business establishments have dirty front yards, and it’s really disgusting! I don’t know if barangays are allotted allowances for hiring people to clean our City streets every day? I hope and pray, that not only in my barangay that I live in, but also in all other barangays, hoping that their barangay officials will pass a resolution to impose  cleanliness on their surroundings, and to make it forceful, put a fine on every residence or business establishments, making them responsible to clean the streets in front of them! And at the same time, retain the street sweepers to continue cleaning places where there are no houses. There should also be grass cutter employees to cut the grass on our sidewalks and clean the drainage every now and then

Oh my goodness, our beloved Zamboanga City is booming, and I think we should ambition to make our City not only beautiful, but also the cleanest City in the entire Cities in our Country today!  Let’s not just make it a dream, but turn it into reality! Nothing is impossible if we unite ourselves for the betterment of our City! However, our local government should create a committee to be responsible in overseeing the cleanliness of our City! Right now, to begin with, the barangay heads should send memos to all residents and business estabblishements be responsible in cleaning their surroundings especially facing the streets, and impose a fine if they don’t, Let’s see if people can follow orders! Don’t you know if our City is clean, less people will get sick? By the way, barangays should also have drainage cleaners to avoid flooding in our streets! So please avoid throwing plastic wrapper or any kind of dirt. I guess, even our City water drainage should be cleaned too!

Well folks, I hope you liked what I wrote today. Bye for now!