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Monday, 10 September 2018 12:13


Writer Tom Clancy wrote that “If you kick the tiger’s ball, you better have a plan on how to deal with his teeth.”

This is appropriate and fitting to Trillanes’ latest misadventure—a planned coup de état against President Duterte to oust him while he was on his historic visits to Israel and Jordan. He must have been thinking that with the rising prices of basic commodities and unresolved killings, the suffering Filipinos are now ripe for an uprising against the duly established government.

Manila Times columnist Jojo Robles wrote and quoted reliable sources that this hatched coup supposedly backed by the US Central Intelligence Agency was to forcibly take over the government in Manila and among the chief plotters was Trillanes.

But the coup did not take off and was nipped in the bud because Trillanes could not get enough massive support for his ambitious plan.

Accordingly, after President Duterte got wind of this planned coup, he dispatched National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon (who was years ago declared a persona non grata by the city of Zamboanga) to the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia to tell American intelligence officials to back off with the idea as President Duterte has already learned about this planned Trillanes coup plot. Esperon’s trip to the CIA headquarter in Langley was allegedly intended to cut off whatsoever support they have prepared in launching this plot.

With the voiding of his granted amnesty by former President Pnoy Aquino, the answer that many Filipinos are waiting is: who should arrest him and where should he be detained. Trillanes has been holding out in the Senate and is merely relying on the inviolability of the Senate premises as guaranteed in our constitution. As such, no senator can be arrested within its constitutionally protected premises.

By taking advantage of this guarantee, he conducts his propaganda war against President Duterte by holding daily press conferences in his Senate office. He conveniently portrays himself as a victim being oppressed and persecuted for his being a strong oppositionist to the President.

President Duterte should decide soonest to have Trillanes arrested. Senators Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Bong Revilla were arrested in the Senate before. His indecisiveness and inaction will only give the Opposition the stage to exploit to the hilt Trillanes’ stay in the Senate and turn the tide of public opinion to their favor by using the sucking and corrupt mainstream media.

But once he’s locked behind bars the Filipinos would be extremely happy to get rid of this problematic senator. Millions are very critical and are cursing him in Facebook. He was portraying himself as a crusading soldier and was elected when he ran for a senate seat. But after being elected, he became corrupt by accepting money from third persons, pocketing millions of Pnoy’s PDAF funds without undertaking the intended project, like the installation of street lights in Manila. He served as the hatchet man of Pnoy in lynching and destroying President Arroyo, AFP Chief of Staff  Renato Reyes, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and VP Jojo Binay who was the erstwhile strong candidate and a cinch to become the next President. He had tiffs with colleagues like Senators Zubiri and Gordon for improper misconduct in the Senate floor.

Is he prepared to face the consequences of his acts? Even with his pending petition with the Supreme Court to withhold the validity of his amnesty granted by Pnoy, Trillanes still faces possible arrest and incarceration. He could even be court marshaled. I have a feeling that the Court will uphold the voiding of his amnesty by President Duterte.

Many citizens have expressed their anger and hatred to this ambitious senator, who once declared that he wants to become the next president of our country, which are posted in their Facebook accounts. Indeed he has made a long run from being a crusading soldier turning into a boastful, ambitious, and discourteous elected official who forgot his mission and vision for a strong and unified military. Disgusted and exasperated citizens have expressed their rude views by saying, “We are behind you. Laban lang Senador Trillanes. Nasa likod lang ang mga Filipino at handang itulak ka hanggang sa kulungan.” (We are behind you Senator Trillanes, ready to push you into jail).