Triple whammy for the Opposition PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 14 September 2018 12:16



The hated and demonized late President Ferdinand Marcos must be elated and laughing at the Opposition that moved heaven and earth to remove him from office and caused his exile to Hawaii. During his birthday last September 11, that many of us have already forgotten, the Supreme Court gave the green light to a defamation case filed against against Trillanes at a lower court. The SC likewise denied Trillanes’ motion for the issuance of a temporary restraining order against President Duterte’s revocation of the amnesty granted him by former President Pnoy Aquino.

On this same day, the House of Representatives also dismissed the impeachment complaint filed by the Opposition, led by Congressman Edcel Lagman, for being insufficient in substance—meaning irrational, unsubstantiated, and deserves no further consideration and should to be thrown to the waste bin instead of being transmitted to the Senate for proper hearing.

The Opposition led by Trillanes and supported by the Liberals, the clergy, the communist CCP-NPA and their progressive parties in Congress, got a sound beating and are now place in difficult situation, more so with the declaration of President Duterte that these groups, supported by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have set the stage for destabilization and the overthrow of his government. President Duterte said that he learned about this plot through a foreign country that gave him a copy of the conversations of plotters which he ordered to be declassified and fully revealed to the public. We’ll see what will be his countermove in the days to come.

The situation is very similar to the Marcos era. President Cory united with the communist groups, the clergy, and the liberals poisoned and conditioned the minds of the Filipinos in painting then

President Marcos as the greatest thief and a mass murderer who deserves to be ousted from office. But the Opposition then had nothing to offer but only highlighted the mistakes/wrongs he had committed totally disregarding the gargantuan progress and development he had undertaken. For example his agricultural program—Masagana 99—had made our country self-sufficient in rice and we were already exporting this staple to other countries.

This time is simply a redux of that era. The blind, irrational, full of rage and hatred Opposition have nothing to offer to solve and improve our present economic and social problems. All they do is criticize and watch closely the mistakes, questionable pronouncements, and actions of President Duterte—unable to see the sincerity of his actions and efforts to address and solve the lingering problems of our country—illegal drugs, graft and corruption, and criminality. Nothing pleases them more than to see the president commits mistakes and use these to bring him down. Totally consumed by their blind partisanship, nothing would please them than to see President Duterte ousted from office before his term ends. One Catholic priest even showed his utmost stupidity and color, during a mass he conducted, and prayed, supplicating to God that President Duterte will get sick and die. How could a priest say this? Instead, he should have led a community prayer and asked God to guide the president to provide him with rationality, vigor, and wisdom to lead our country.

President Duterte, like all of us, is simply a human being. As such he is frail and fallible and never perfect. Unfortunately, the Opposition cannot accept this reality because they pretend to be blind and have become fully partisan. If they are really the true and real Opposition that they portray themselves to be, they should rather  be serious in performing their duty to check and balance and  focus their collective actions in providing alternative solutions for the mistakes committed by the present administration. With this constructive move, they shall be contributing to the progress and development of our benighted country.