Are we in a tailspin? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 08 October 2018 14:31

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

Is our country  in a tailspin going down?

I can’t help thinking that this is the situation currently. Inflation is much higher than what was forecast; for so many who can only eat rice and nothing much else, the staple is in serious short supply;  the prices of the staple and  food in general   just went through the roof; the peace and order situation is not getting better, with the NPA and the ASG making even bolder moves against the government.

Even nature seems to be in a bad mood, with heavier than usual  rainfall causing   two major landslides with casualties now in three-digit numbers.

With all these problems we are dealing with our honorables  who are considering changing the lyrics of our national anthem; or  hounding a senator who has been a thorn in the sides of a number of people high up in this administration.

In responding to the rice shortage the DA secretary has said that the lack of water is part of the problem. But surely this is not new information, unless people in the concerned agencies watching over rice have been sleeping on  the job. And one bright person has said that the current situation might justify “legalizing rice smuggling”.  If I say something like “legalizing smuggling” I can be forgiven for being a nitwit but surely not someone who is in government and considered one of the honorables in our country. How did these people wind up in their positions anyway?

And there is an office that is supposed to take care of communications and perhaps stop officials from saying things like “legalizing smuggling” but the Asst. Secretary was  too busy offending the sensibilities of people through the videos she had been sending out of her office.  Thank heavens she is now out.

And this thing about the amnesty  for  Sen Trillanes. Is he going to have his amnesty nullified because there is no original copy of the document officially granting him the amnesty?  Come on. These people can’t be that dense. The AFP wants to  have him  court martialed  but there are documents  showing that Trillanes has been officially   out of the AFP for several years. Can a civilian be court martialed?

I am not a first language user of English but I find myself many times having to parse the statements I read about reports on government decisions.

Perhaps I really belong to the category of people who are referred to by our charismatic (?) president as “stupid”.

The greater mystery for us to solve is why PRRD continues to enjoy high  popularity among our people. Somebody please explain this phenomenon to somebody who, with all humility, may actually be stupid.