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Wednesday, 10 October 2018 14:15



For the love of music, former Congressman Erbie Fabian — who may yet run for vice mayor in 2019 — is throwing yet another PARTY at the Astoria Regency in them thar hills of Pasonanca featuring a fabulous band from Manila, Men of Blue Blood (MOBB). The band’s been invited by Erbie to perform here many times over the past decade because of its pleasing songs. As you all know, Erbie is, as John Lennon wrote, “a lucky man who made the grade.”

MOBB is quarter-backed by blue-blooded Zamboangueño, Aton Atilano, who owns a company that manufactures detergents and Dr. J rubbing alcohol. The other members are businessmen and professionals, a lawyer and a doctor, among others.

MOBB likes to belt out non-stop ballroom beats fit for the middle-aged and those ... well. This bunch of Jesuit-bred musicians also does Lennon-McCartney compositions like “Come Together,” the theme for this year’s party. Erbie might be thinking that our prideful leaders should COME TOGETHER in these absolutely extraordinary times. “Orchestrated orgasm.” That’s how The Beatles’ song were described.

Tonight promises a festive mood with songs from Mick Jagger, Gary Lewis, Hollies, Dave Clark Five, Lou Rawls, Barry White, Herman’s Hermits and Earth, wind and Fire. There will also be songs from The Temptations, Spiral Staircase and The Associations. But the focus of the music will be The Beatles. But the MOBB won’t be wearing party hats and rubber shoes. They will play from the lowest note “Light my fire,” to the highest tone, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

There will be special performances by “Friends of Erbie”, but they, too won’t come in Sgt. Pepper’s costumes.

When MOBB first came to Zamboanga, they were guests of the Department of Tourism. At the time, Zamboanga was starting to boom with old-time bands, prominent of which was “Popoy’s” and Enteng’s “Insomia Band”. They were determined to bring back the “old glory” of music, the songs that were played in barn dances and jam sessions by the Diamonds, Wizards, Roots of Legends, Catstones and Lustre Beatles. They drew back the oldies to listen to the songs of Paul McCartney and John Lennon, the Critters, Mamas and the Papas and The Rolling Stones. “I wanna hold you hand” was the music changer, so was “Oh, darling”.

MOBB drew crowds my age. But my group of people weren’t the only ones swept up by Beatlemania. Local bands played their songs, but not necessarily falling under their spell. It is MOBB’s “ineluctable beat” that made Zamboanga fall in love with them.

If it’s total music entertainment that you’re thirsting for —away from the customary street dancing, parade of lights and regatta — to compliment your desire to dance the night away with “ABBA”, then you shouldn’t miss COME TOGETHER. In the end, I guarantee you that you’d pound the table and say “more pa!” It’s a dance and music experience that promises fun. MOBB’s music isn’t pretentious or overly sentimental as “Yesterday, “In my life” and “Strawberry Fields”.

So pick up your dancing shoes, put on your “Woodstock” attire and get high tonight. Let’s COME TOGETHER!