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Monday, 05 November 2018 12:39



The TV footage of the collapse of that wooden bridge at Rio Hondo, during the inspection of Congressmen Benitez, Celso Lobregat, and Mayor Beng Salazar, and which is being replayed in the local TV stations now for months now, has already exhausted the patience of the denizens.

If the purpose of the Lobregat camp is to picture and put Mayor Beng Salazar in a bad light, such operation has already achieved its purpose. The people already know after listening and seeing the congressional investigation of the incident, the persons that are to be blamed for it and how the sub-standard project has been undertaken and neglected by persons who undertook and made money out of the project.

Thus, there is no further need to replay this incident in the local TV over and over again. It has become repetitious, boring and sickening. After almost two terms of her candidacy, the people already know the performance and the accomplishments of Mayor Beng. No solution has been achieved to solve the growing monstrous traffic and the cleanliness of the city. Worse, our recurring and frequent brownouts have become a regular routine despite the approval of the IMC by Zamcelco and a power provider and no effort has been made by the City Mayor to press Zamcelco to solve this problem. Her dominant party mates in the City Council have not passed an ordinance to uplift the conditions and solve the problems of the city.

Pardon my cookie brain but without the establishment of the KCC Shopping Mall, I’m very sure that the development of our city will remain stagnant or sluggish because City Hall has failed to establish a healthy and inviting business and economic environment for those who want to establish business in the city. Even local businessmen are up in arms on the very slow processing of business permits. And this has been the situation for years now. No improvement.

In this coming election, the people will know whom to elect to manage the affairs of the government. Being a native-born Zamboangueño, I have seen how the city has been grossly mismanaged. For more than thirty years we have been under the leadership of the Lobregats and Climacos but look, where are we now? We were left behind by Davao, General Santos, and Cagayan de Oro in terms of progress and development and our leaders don’t want to admit it.

Frankly, if I were to choose who should be the leader of the city, my choice would be none of the above (NOTA). But since we have no choice because nobody has the resources to run against them, It would be prudent to choose instead the lesser evil.

INTERESTING DEVELOPMENT: The people, who were expecting Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to run for the presidency, were totally dismayed when he failed to file his certificate of candidacy (COC) on time.

It’s either because of a change of mind or it was a strategy, he later substituted PDP-LABAN candidate Diño to run for the presidency and the rest is history.

Now my mole has intimated to me that a candidate who filed his COC for the 1st District of the city will also be substituted by a new candidate supported by the present administration. Strategic meetings have already been held and many will be surprised as to who will be this substitute candidate.

So it will not be just Joemar Lobregat, Jun Climaco, Jawo Jimenez, and Danny Nuevo who will vie for the congressional seat in the 1st District of the city.

I’m sure that the electorate would really be delighted to choose a new face other than a Lobregat or Climaco.