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Wednesday, 07 November 2018 12:53

Looking In

By Rod Balbon

One wonders if a political party that espouses a particular color can spell an election victory. Watching at the two local political groups espousing colors to identify their party has become crazier and ridiculous. The party members of each group are now roaming and circulating within the city and would undertake anything, like shaking hands and offering help and assistance, wearing their respective party colors which clearly partake of an early political campaign. Only their names are printed in their t-shirts sans the word “vote”. But who cares. They simply do all these because the period of political campaign has not yet started and these are not prohibited by Comelec.

But many are wondering why the City Mayor’s political color before last election, which was yellow, has been abandoned. It is the symbolic color of the disgraced Liberal Party. This time, she disregarded the yellow color and now carries a new color for her party which is pink.

Many are asking, why the change of color? Well, my reliable source intimated to me that initially Mayor Beng wanted to jump to another party which was newly-established by the president’s daughter—Sarah Duterte. The crook national officials and members of the Liberal Party have become very unpopular by committing monstrous graft and corruption during their terms. Affiliation to this party is surely a kiss of death. Unfortunately for Mayor Beng and her group were accordingly not accommodated by Sarah because her political rival, Celso Lobregat, is already chosen as the official standard bearer of the PDP-LABAN for the mayoralty of Zamboanga City—the political party of the President Duterte.

Unsuccessful and left with no alternative, Mayor Beng and her group went back to their fall-back position and accordingly tried to carry again the banner of the Liberal Party. But she was not anymore accommodated. My mole revealed that Mayor Beng has insulted the party when she committed unforgivable acts against the party. She never showed up and welcomed Vice President Leni Robredo, and senators Liza Hontiveros, and Bam Aquino, all party stalwarts, when they came to the city.

Thus, she and her group decided to carry the color pink but didn’t tell the electorate the reason why and what is their party.

But I’m dumbfounded as to why the color red of Celso Lobregat does not carry the banner of PDP-LABAN which could be an added factor in their quest for an overwhelming political victory in this coming election.


Finding a parking space in the city is like taxes and death which one would surely experience. Because of this, some car owners have decided not to use their vehicles in going to the city since it will only be futile and very exhausting just to find a parking space.

As early as past 8 o’clock in the morning, almost all parking lots are full and there is no more available parking space.

Our City Government should help solve this problem. It cannot remain adamant to this problem and let it grow to unmanageable proportions. One of my friends told me that it would be foolish to park at KCC, which is free, and take a tricycle or jeepney to come to the city.