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Friday, 07 December 2018 12:05

Looking In

Christmas season means many things to many people. But one thing is very common and inescapable for us and the older ones to do: visiting, thanking and giving of gifts to love ones, friends, and relatives, grandsons and daughters, and godchildren. These are the people who have become part of our lives, with whom we have shared our successes and also confided our failures to seek relief and comfort, expressed our love, and recounted our tales, jokes, and unforgettable experiences.

More than anything else, these are the very practices that make every Christmas season very important and memorable. This is also the time when we remember and gleefully recall our dear relatives and friends who have left us and have already gone to the great beyond.How we wish they are still around to celebrate and enjoy with us this joyous season.

Thus, in their absence, we try to bring back the memories and times when they were still with us by putting on their favorite decors, by preparing their favorite foods, and singing their favorite Christmas songs to “bring” them back to life even just for the short season.

Well, celebration of this merry season has started. Some companies have started celebrating this early to give them ample time to make their annual inventories and to prepare their businesses for the coming year. Other business establishments celebrate early to give their employees the time to celebrate the season with their loved ones. These are purposely done, coupled with the giving of theemployees’ yearend 13th month pays and generous bonus by employers. The grant of bonuses, however, are not mandatory and required by law as these are gratuitous gifts voluntarily given by the employers to their employees for exemplary service and those who have performed very satisfactorily in performing their jobs that greatly contributed to the success of the employers’ business. Bonuses are given to encourage those “lazy bones” to perform satisfactorily to be entitled to such grant or award.

Our barangay Hanazono, otherwise known as the “99th barangay” of the city will be celebrating our Christmas Party on December 17th. I’m very sure that the event would bevery noisy and boisterous with the group singing and jokes, the different foods, and the never-ending flow brown bottles and liquors.

But surely, the occasion will also be marked by lonesome memories of dear members who are in sick bay and those who have gone ahead of us. Membership of our barangay has diminishedas we recall the following members: Vic Alvarez, Bro. Romy Garcia, Arch. Ben Gonzales, Bro. Honeyboy Kosloff, Engr. Ramon Perez, Charlie Apostol, Mike Apostol, and very lately, Bro. Lope Iringan.

They may have gone to the great beyond but their memories will linger and live forever and surely this coming Christmas Party will be a celebration of joy and in memory of our departed fraternal brothers and friends.

MISCELLANEOUS: Many provincial, city, and municipal governments have lighted up their constructed beautiful and well-lighted Christmas trees in their respective places and they are truly beautiful. One of these is the décor of Sibugay Province which is themed after Hollywoods’ Alice in Wonderland.

In our city, the decoration is beautiful as well, the lights bright and alive. But many are asking: What are we celebrating, Christmas or Valentines’ Day? They say that instead of the symbolic stars, they see instead lots of hearts with inscriptions, I love Zamboanga”. They say the  décors don’t depict the Christmas.