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Monday, 16 November 2015 10:08

Yup! My buddy, Oliver Ong, and I were surprised when we found out that the flowers being sold at Barangay Lapaz, Zamboanga City, came all the way from Cebu City. I learned this when I asked why is these bunch of flowers are expensive – the answer - it came all the way from Cebu City!

I don’t know if we were being fooled to justify the high price. But it really frustrated us to know that Lapaz, the local flower producer of Zamboanga City, is selling flowers from another city. The prices of the other flowers also are being sold higher or if not the same price being sold in the city.

As a marketing guru, I canvassed the prices in the city before we went there last October 31. Honestly, we were expecting to buy fresh and more beautiful flowers at a lower price.  It was our first time to go there too and took it as a leisurely ride.

We were convinced to go there by a good news report by Dateline Zamboanga TV 11news a night before that flowers are abundant in Lapaz.  Personally, I wanted to discover the place – take a look and give a first impression of what is being built as the Little Baguio, the future eco-tourism destination, of Zamboanga City.

As a local columnist, it was perfect timing to comment about the place as flowers are in demand for November’s All Saints and Souls Day. Then convince Pep Talk readers to buy flowers there because they are abundant and cheap. But it seemed otherwise.

Oliver joked maybe because we looked like city boys and came in a SUV, we can afford to pay the flowers at any price. But as business marketing guys, we don’t want to be fooled neither do we like to take advantage of their poor condition. We will pay what is fair.

Maybe I said they had an exchange of flowers with the city flower vendors. They exchanged Lapaz flowers with Cebu flowers to sell varieties. I am not sure but it didn’t work out well. It gave bad impression.

But should the Lapaz flower vendors continue to do this? I think their local barangay leaders should discuss this concern to them. It will not build a good image for the place. As Oliver said we spend gasoline going there only to be had. It will discourage people from going back there again.

Maybe local government agencies like the Agriculture, Tourism, or DTI, can help develop this place to its full potential. There is an entrepreneur office under the City Mayor too that can assist them.

In case, you want to commute, I found out that it cost P20 per person to take the motorcycle habal-habal from Dreamville  Shopping Mall, the shopping center of Ayala. I don’t know how much are the jeep or van fare from the city to Ayala.

They said there are public and private resorts in the upper highlands of Lapaz which can be rented. Vegetables are also abundant also. But are they worth? I don’t know.

By Dante Corteza


Exodus 35:10 “Let every skillful craftsman among you come and make all that the LORD has commanded.” He commanded us to take care of our natural resources.


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