Pasobolong hall intrusion baffles police PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 February 2018 16:36

By Dan Toribio

Police are  baffled on what prompted a man to forcibly enter a barangay hall, walk through the rooms, and leave without taking anything from the area.

This is the puzzle police are trying to solve involving the incident at the Pasobolong Barangay Hall last Tuesday.

Barangays officials arrived the following morning to find the lock on the main door destroyed.

The suspect reportedly entered the room of the barangay secretary.

No valuables, however, were reported missing based on investigation conducted by police.

Because of this, barangay officials are suspecting that the intruder did not intend to rob the barangay hall.

The incident was reported to the Culianan POlice Station for further investigation.  (Dan Toribio)