A not-so-glorious police week PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 16 April 2018 13:52

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

The week  of April 9  has not been a good one for the ZC Police Force. Details below were gleaned from a newspaper report.

Tuesday April 10 sixteen persons detained at the Tetuan police station managed to escape in broad daylight. How this could have happened makes one think of a Mister Bean comedy. Fortunately all but one were apprehended in about 24 hours and the lone escapee still at large is now being hunted.

Then in the evening of that same Tuesday the Police lost ( again!) 10 trucks said to be loaded with smuggled rice and sugar. According to the report in the paper the trucks were apprehended while about to leave a private wharf in Baliwasan.  But the interesting part is that when these trucks were to be turned over to another shift of cops it was discovered the trucks, all ten of them, were missing.

It is easy enough to imagine losing a sack of rice or sugar. And one does not have to stretch the imagination too far to accept that 10 sacks can be lost. But to lose 10 TRUCKS  of rice and sugar boggles the mind. And the trucks were supposedly inside the holding area of a gated compound, and in front of the gate is a police vehicle  supposedly assigned there on a regular basis to keep an eye on things. Not only were the cargoes missing  but even the trucks seem to have disappeared.  Preposterous!

When I was conversing with someone about this interesting case I asked if the police had taken down the plate  numbers of the trucks but he could not answer my question. The plate numbers could lead to the owner/s  of the truck and a possible solution to their disappearance.

What can we make of this case? In all charity I can only think that the police involved in this case are either simply  incompetent or dishonest or both. And this makes us think of how would-be policemen are trained and how they are chosen to enter the force.

I have a tangential connection to the PNP through my membership in the RAC and I, like the others in the RAC, would like to see our police force come up to the expectations of service for which the force has been created.

Reading about the escape of 16 persons detained by the police and the disappearance of 10 loaded trucks from under the very noses of policemen can be very disappointing. And disturbing.

The quick capture of 15 of the escapees gives a silver lining to the dreary week. Let us hope that the case of the 10 missing trucks and their load will be solved as quickly.