City's roasting facility now on dry run PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 September 2018 13:22


A roasting facility inside the City Abattoir has started its dry run and is now offering free roasting services in preparation for its grand opening to the public.

The operation started last September 15 and will run until October 31.

Amelia Amar, City Abattoir chief, said that the dry run is being done to test the current operating procedure and determine the adjustments or changes that need to be done before the opening of the facility.

Lechoneros who come to the abbatoir to roast their animals during the dry run will not be charged for the use of the facility.

After the dry run, P100 per head will be charged for using the facility. This is aside from the slaughter fee being collected by the office.

The facility is capable of roasting 300 hogs at the same time.

Amar said that the facility was opened for health reasons.  It was intended to have the slaughter of animals and roasting to be held at the same place to lower the possible contamination of meat through improper handling and transfer of the animal carcass.

"The purpose of the city is to ensure that the Zamboangueños are eating 100% safe, clean and wholesome lechon," Amar said.

The slaughterhouse ordinance mandates that roasting of hogs and small cows shall only be done within the premises of the city abattoir. Fines and penalties await violators.

She said that through the facility,  lechoneros are able to save as they will no longer use their own water to wash the animal.

It will also be more convenient for them since they do not have to allocate a space in their areas for roasting purposes.

Lechonero who are selling lechon at Tetuan, Sta Maria, and Guiwan are now using the facility. (R.G. A A. Go)