Barangay hall robbed while tanods looking for “sagahi” PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 October 2018 16:43


Patalon village officials who set out to patrol  against lawless elements were instead victimized when robbers broke into their own barangay hall at dawn yesterday.

The barangay officials of Patalon were said to be patrolling to guard residents against the dreaded “sagahi” when the barangay hall and the elementary school were robbed.

Patalon Barangay Chairman Gaudencio Rojas, in an interview with RMN, said that the robbers carted away the closed circuit television  (CCTV)  camera and monitor, three laptop computer sets and an undetermined amount of cash inside the vault.

A sound box was also missing from the Patalon Elementary School.

Rojas said that the barangay tanods set off to patrol due to rumors circulating about the presence of the “sagahi” in the barangay.

While they were patrolling, the tanods heard but did not pay attention to a dog barking in a dimly lit portion of the barangay hall.

It was only after they returned to the barangay hall that they found the items missing.

Some residents in far flung barangays are reportedly anxious during the past weeks over the reported presence of the “sagahi,” a cult whose members are said to be preying on children.

The other night, Labuan residents panicked over the reported presence of an unidentified man who entered a residence in the area.

Last month, Sangali residents held a suspected thief amid rumors of the reported presence of the cult members.  (Dan Toribio)