Businesswoman found dead in Baliwasan PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 December 2018 14:00

By Dan Toribio

Police are investigating the death of a businesswoman whose body was found yesterday inside her home in Barangay Baliwasan.

The body of the victim, identified as Ridzmahal Ali, was found in a prone position  inside her 3-storey apartment building along Navarro Street, Cawa-Cawa.

Police said that the body was already in a state of decomposition.

Initial investigation showed that the victim had been strangled with computer wire.

Some of the victim’s jewelry pieces were missing, according to police.

Authorities, however, said that there was no sign of forcible entry, indicating that the victim might have been murdered by someone she knew.

Police are continuing their investigation of the incident.  (Dan Toribio)