Jimmy Cabato to file poll protest today PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 24 May 2013 11:10

After numerous consultations with relatives, friends and supporters, Councilor Jaime Cabato said yesterday the response was unanimously affirmative for him to pursue an electoral protest relative to the May 13 election results in District 1 which put him out of the winning circle in the city council race.

In a press statement, Cabato said he is set to file today, May 23, the electoral protest “no matter if slot No. 8 is occupied by a long-time friend and now partymate, Rudy Bayot,”

Cabato said it is the strong belief of his legal counsel, Atty. Gian Enriquez, that even the lead of slot  No. 7 occupied by Myra Paz Abubakar is surmountable, “so we are including her win in the protest.”

“Surmountablity, however is admittedly not a certainty. Only God knows. For us to know the truth the protest has to be lodged,” he said.

The veteran city dad explained that what is certain is that based on the consensus of all the people he meet anywhere in the streets of Zamboanga, they are in disbelief as to the veracity of the election results.

“God bless the manipulators,” he said.

“In the case of my 37 votes deficiency, what I can honestly say is, contrary to the results in Tumaga that tend to differently, my campaign strategy was for a straight vote of all UNA members; which may mean that as I was voted upon, chances could be that I may carried Bayot with me. Again, only God knows, which is why I repeat, for us to know the truth the protest has to be lodged. I call on Rudy’s understanding,” Cabato said.

In the same breath, he added, except for one in the three-man collegial body, he condemns in the highest possible terms, the City Board of canvassers for hastily proclaiming the 7th and 8th placers.

“Checking into the minutes of BOC, it is recorded that the penning of the confirmations was at 7:23 pm and actual hand-raising was 7:40. A check with the AIR 21, official COMELEC courier, the Compact Flash Cards (CF Cards) were  acknowledged to have been received by the board at 7:45, a time deficiency of barely 5 minutes,” Cabato recounted.

He said: “What is aggravating is, as they explained to me when I arrived at the canvassing venue after the proclamation, that in claiming statistical improbability the lead of Bayot that they computed was 121. Same minute check verified, lead was a measly 37 votes”

“Such a dismal act! God bless them,” Cabato said.