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Monday, 19 February 2018 13:44


BY Betty A. Elago

Overseas Filipino Workers , in short are known as OFWS! These are persons who strive to have better lives abroad to help their families financially. Even our professionals like nurses, doctors, are anxious to leave our Country to earn more than what they earn in government service! This is the reason why we overhear that we are now lacking in doctors and nurses  in hospitals and in rural clinics because they apply for jobs abroad that pay high wages! The only thing that can stop them is to increase their salaries! Will our government hospitals, and private hospitals do this?

I have a brother nurse and two sisters who are nurses too. I could have been a nurse, but my parents thought I was so frail to become a nurse. I ended with an AB degree. My younger brother, who also married a nurse, both worked in a hospital in Saudi Arabia. One sister got married to a Filipino husband, and worked at Bay Pines Veteran’  Hospital in Tampa, Florida, and my other sister, got married to an American marine soldier when the US seventh Fleet boat docked in our wharf whom she met here in Zamboanga City, and since it was love at first sight, they got married, and she worked in a military hospital and was later trained to be an oncologist in the hospital. When I went to San Diego, they brought me to the Military camp, and there I saw black short soldiers and I asked my brother in law about it. He answered that these are the soldiers who can crawl where the enemy camps are and won’t be visible to the eyes of the enemies!

Another brother, who finished Industrial Chemistry in Adamson University, also worked in Saudi. There was a time, I told my brother I wanted to go to Saudi and work there. You know how he answered me in tagalog….. aynaku betty, saitchura mongiyan, huwagkanamagisippumuntasa Saudi! He confided to me that some Filipina nurses who are ambitious, become wild. Sometimes, they are invited to attend parties, and ends up sleeping with their host or sometimes with a guest, and they do this for money! I once heard a story, that a pregnant nurse didn’t come home to her family, and instead, went to another friend’s place to give birth to an illegitimate child seared by an Arab.

How about our house helpers who work abroad? I think we now lack helpers too because most of them have ambition to get out of our Country! Most of them aren’t even educated, and lucky for those employers who are able to get helpers who are educated! And woe to those employers who hire helpers who are uneducated! This is the reason why sometimes they experience maltreatment from their employers, and unlucky for our helpers whose employers are sadists. News come out that one or two Filipino workers try to escape the cruelty of their masters especially lead them to their death.

Personally, I don’t agree with our government, spending so much to save ofws who are criminals. They commit crimes especially regarding drugs while employed in other Countries, and when they are imposed a death sentence, our government sends emissaries to try to save them! It’s so shameful for our government to do this all the time! I think our law making body should create a law that would make our OFWS responsible for their actions, to make them more responsible, and by not putting themselves in situations that will make our Country ashame!